A new way to finance the growth of your online store

Year 2020 saw a record in growth of ecommerce market. 

Watch this webinar and find out how owners of small and medium ecommerce businesses can get better financing for their stores, grow faster and stay ahead of their competition.

We'll present different financing options available for online store owners to pay for their marketing activities and cover inventory expenses.

Watch it now!

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You'll learn:

- What financing options are available to ecommerce business owners.

- Why bank loans, VC funding and investing your own money is a more expensive than you may think.

- Why financing availability for growing your business should not be determined by your personal credit worthiness but by your store's numerical data.

- What the new way of financing your marketing activities and covering inventory spend is - with no personal guarantees, hidden fees, nor giving up equity.

About the speaker

Michael Kacprzak
CPO & Co-founder
Tech product expert and entrepreneur with more than a decade of experience developing products and technologies to make people’s life easier. Before founding Booste, Michael has worked as an agile delivery and product management consultant for several global top tech companies. In the startup industry, he has worked with Berlin's Babbel and Tidio from Poland. He has also co-founded TiqDiet, a leading SaaS solution for dietitians.

You'll find out:

What revenue-based financing is.
How this financing model helps growing ecommerce businesses.
What the requirements are and how to apply.